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JUST IN: The Herb and Flower Cookbook has won the Single Category Cookbook category at the 2014 Gourmand Awards (announced January 2015)! And Frederik, the King of Prussia, was one of the judges! Who knew?!


Pip McCormac’s  recipe book, The Herb and Flower Cookbook: Plant, Grow, Eat, is published by Quadrille and is a set of simple, home cooking ideas, each one given a clever flavour twist by the addition of a few herbs or flowers. From Summer Roast Chicken with Basil and Peach to a Lemon Thyme and Ginger Crumble, you’ll be inspired to play around with fresh ingredients. It also contains an easy and accessible growing guide – ideal for growing herbs and flowers anywhere from a window ledge or box to balcony or kitchen garden.

See Pip talk about how to use edible flowers in your cooking at The Edible Garden Show in March 2015.

“That’s a gorgeous cover,” said Jamie Oliver, as he ordered it off Amazon on his phone, right in front of Pip in August 2014.

‘This fresh, aromatic and pretty food is perfect for this time of year. There are instructions for growing herbs an flowers…plus 60 delicious ways of using your own produce.’–BBC Good Food Magazine, 1 June 2014

‘His delicious recipes with unusual flavour twists also offer alternatives for his suggested flavourings, so you won’t miss out, even if you would rather just eat your greens than grow them.’–Simple Things, Thursday 1 May 2014

Full of home cooking ideas, it gives a whole new meaning to flower power.’–Red, Saturday 1 February 2014

Available from all good book shops, or order it from now Amazon.

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